Our Programs
We believe it is essential that people understand the importance of a healthy River to our collective well-being. We are passionate about the need to leave the Colorado River better off than the way we found it, so we will advocate for programs and policies that result in a healthier River.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs at Redbud Center
The Colorado River Alliance leads programming for youth at the Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education at Redbud Center in West Austin. Owned by LCRA, the five-acre riverside grounds feature exhibits that teach the history and importance of the Texas Colorado River. Interactive water features reveal how flooding and water supply is managed by the Highland Lakes and dams system. Rainwater harvesting and storm water management systems demonstrate how water can be conserved and protected. And don’t miss the beautiful river view from the outlook! The grounds are open to the public free of charge. Youth and adult programming provided by the Colorado River Alliance includes grounds exploration and volunteer-led activities in both English and Spanish.

Texas Colorado River Mobile Learning Experience
Housed in a 40-foot trailer, this project will bring a museum-quality learning experience to Central Texas schools. Students will enter a watery world where science and technology merge to encourage critical thinking about our most precious resource. Interactive models will engage and instruct, inspiring students to go out and make a difference.

Community Engagement Programs

Colorado River Tour
The Colorado River Tour is a semi-annual series which aims to inform and elevate the dialog about the Colorado River and Texas water resources among regional leaders. Tour attendees represent state and regional leadership, water planning experts, water managers, and community stakeholders who will spend two full days focused on Texas’ complex water issues.  Put your name on the Tour and be recognized as a leader and problem solver.  To read about our most recent River Tour, click here.

Barstow Speaker Series
Created in 2007 by a generous gift from the Barstow Foundation, the goal of the Barstow Speaker Series is to bring prominent political, business, community, and environmental leaders together to address members and friends of the Colorado River Alliance on a variety of topics pertaining to environmental stewardship.

Environmental Outreach & Action

Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup
This community-driven event is vital to keeping the waters and shoreline of the Colorado River’s Lake Travis clean and healthy for divers, boaters and visitors and maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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