Creek Cleanup & Eco-Explorations

The Alliance works with schools, charity groups, corporate and social responsibility coordinators, and university student organizations to remove litter from creeks that are part of the Texas Colorado River Watershed. Better yet, we make these events fun and educational by providing guided eco-explorations of the creeks!  We always find interesting wildlife and remove surprising objects that people throw away – everything from TVs to office chairs! All events are held at East Bouldin Creek at Gillis Park in South Austin.

  • Summer Cleanup Dates will be posted soon!

Creek Cleanup with Time Warner Cable and Friends
On a chilly February 26th afternoon at our adopted creek in Austin’s Gillis Park, the Alliance met a dedicated Creek Cleanup force of 20 volunteers including fantastic folks from Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds outreach, education, and service program. We collected 10 bags of trash and two bags of recyclable litter that had washed into East Bouldin Creek. Our creek cleanups are more than just recovering litter:

  • We teach volunteers about how litter is transported into in our waterways by runoff from rainstorms
  • Volunteers learn about how long different kinds of litter take to degrade in our waterways
  • Alliance staff point out and teach about the wildlife that live in our adopted creek.
  • We provide prizes, cheer, and gratitude!!




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