Based on research and best practices, we provide a three-part program:

  • Classroom Learning. Teacher toolboxes allow teachers to engage students in lessons and activities, building knowledge base prior to the Mobile Learning Experience.
  • Field Learning. The Mobile Learning Experience arrives on campus, providing students and teachers a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity. A series of hands-on, interactive, museum-quality exhibits showcase STEM concepts as educators move students through a virtual river.
  • Service Learning. Students take knowledge and experience back home, engaging their family members in a home water audit, and begin practicing water conservation practices.


Fall — Design Firm Selected
Winter — Exhibit Concept Phase; Curriculum and School Integration Finalized

Spring — Exhibit Design Phase
Fall — Exhibit Fabrication and Trailer Build-Out; Launch Events for Sponsors; Training for Teachers

Spring — Mobile Learning Experience Launched!
Summer — Project Evaluation

2016 and Beyond.
8,000 to 10,000 Students Reached Each School Year!

Reservation Inquiries


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