The Colorado River Alliance teaches water science to 25,000th student

The Colorado River Alliance teaches water science to 25,000th student

 Austin, TX Over 25,000 students have now waded into water science, water conservation, and river stewardship thanks to the Colorado River Alliance’s Redbud Field-Trip Program.

The Redbud Field-Trip Program teaches elementary-school students the importance of protecting our community’s economic and environmental lifeblood, the Texas Colorado River. Launched in 2009 in collaboration with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), the program takes place at LCRA’s Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education, a five-acre, riverside, outdoor exhibit space that focuses on the history and importance of the Colorado River.

“There’s a good reason that we’ve been called ‘One of the best field trips in Austin,’” said R. Brent Lyles, Executive Director of the Colorado River

Alliance. “We’ve done extensive evaluations on this program, and it works. Not only does it effectively teach students about water science, river stewardship, and how to do their part by conserving water, but then every kid takes those messages home and gets their whole family involved, too. Our teachers come back year after year — they love it.”

On a Redbud Field Trip, students learn about the geology and geography of Texas, drinking water sources, healthy watershed attributes, pollution and the water cycle, physical properties of water, and water conservation methods.

“I am elated at this significant milestone, as there is no better way to maintain and improve the health of our river than to teach our young people to respect and protect it and pass that on to generations yet to come,” said Ray Wilkerson, former LCRA Chairman and namesake of the Wilkerson Center.

“The Colorado River Alliance has created a generation of good stewards of the Colorado River, and I am particularly proud to be part of this ongoing mission,” Wilkerson said.