For 25 years, the Alliance has been connecting kids to the river (~14,000 annually), teaching them about natural resources through programs like our Redbud Field Trip and the Mobile River. Due to COVID-19, students are currently unable to learn directly in their classrooms, but it remains important for our future leaders to gain a meaningful education.

This page includes our educational programs translated into a digital format for teachers and parents to utilize. It also includes some local links for providing or receiving help during these uncertain times. More educational resources will be added in the coming weeks, so check back! If you’d like to support our mission during this time, and keep these water science resources coming, please click here to donate today.

Educational Resources

Redbud Field Trip Materials:
3rd – 5th graders

Activity Guide #1 – The Texas Colorado River:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Activity Guide #2 – Watersheds:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Activity Guide #3 – Water Conservation:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Answer key: (PDF version, Powerpoint version)

Redbud Program Videos:
3rd – 5th-graders
Mobile River Program:

Webquest #1 – Ecoregions:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #2 – Runoff & Infiltration:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #3 – Water Conservation:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #4 – Water Savers:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Mobile River Program Videos:

Do you have a question about water science or about our Texas Colorado River? Submit them here and check our Facebook for a video response!

Parent Resources

Colorado River Alliance Fun

Colorado River Crossword Puzzle (Middle School age-level)

Texas 2040 Game (Middle School age-level)

Colorado River Wordsearch & Crossword (Elementary school age-level)

Water Conservation Bingo (all ages!)

Community Resources

Where to donate money

All Together ATX

Austin Disaster Relief Network

EMS Relief Fund

It’s also a great time to support local businesses by purchasing gift cards or a takeout meal.

How to make your own masks

You can find directions on this page to make masks for you and your family, or to donate.

Zoom Backgrounds

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