Colorado River VIP Tour

Colorado River VIP Tour Filled with Active Discussions among Diverse Interests

On November 17-18, the Colorado River VIP Tour 2016 made its way from Hornsby Bend to Matagorda Bay and back—with stops all along the route. The invitation-only bus trip hosted more than 40 tour participants—representing elected leaders, legislative and congressional staff, state agencies, water organizations, scientists, educators, utility managers, rice farmers, and community stakeholders—who all listened, learned and shared information about the Texas Colorado from a diverse user and water-policy perspectives.

Hosted by the Colorado River Alliance, Tour attendees and guests engaged in vital conversations about the challenges, demands, management, and sustainability of this shared water resource. The Texas Colorado River provides drinking water for more than one million people, irrigation water to generations of rice growers and ranchers, industrial water to a booming coastal economy, and essential freshwater flows to coastal estuaries and ecosystems.

“This tour is an important program of the Colorado River Alliance,” said River Alliance executive director Brent Lyles. “It brings better understanding of the challenges and many demands on this beautiful Texas river. When we talk, we find solutions.”

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