Creek Cleanups & Restorations

Ready to make a difference? Help us clean up and improve local waterways! The Colorado River Alliance hosts creek cleanups for schools, community groups, corporate and social responsibility coordinators, university student organizations, and more. We make these events fun and educational by providing guided eco-explorations of the creeks! We always find interesting wildlife, and often we remove surprising objects that people throw away — everything from TVs to office chairs! Most work days are held on East Bouldin Creek at Gillis Park in South Austin.

In addition to our creek cleanups, we also host creek restorations, where we work with volunteer groups to remove invasive plant species and install “seed islands” that grow into vibrant patches of native vegetation. (Note that creek-improvement projects include the use of sharp tools and are therefore open to volunteers age 16 and up.) These projects help the waterways by reducing bank erosion and by increasing the biodiversity of plants and insects. Volunteers learn about riverside ecology, plant life, and habitat restoration.

Our next creek cleanup will take place Saturday, May 4 at Gillis Park. To sign up, or for more information, please email

To schedule a customized event for your group please email