The Mobile River

The Texas Colorado River Rolling Exhibit, also known as the Mobile River, brings a water-science-center-on-wheels and classroom curriculum directly to the schools of 7th graders in the Texas Colorado River basin. Launched in 2015 in partnership with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) and Austin Water, the Mobile River program features interactive models and fun, educational videogames inside a 42-foot trailer.

The Mobile River is currently fully booked through December 2018.  For scheduling inquiries, please contact our Program Coordinator, Lauren Bos.

Texas 2040: Save Our Rivers. Save Our Future.

Click here to try one of the custom videogames made for the Mobile River.

Over 20,000 Texans in Central Texas and across the Colorado River basin have now learned about protecting and preserving their water resources well into the future, thanks to the Colorado River Alliance’s Mobile River program.

In the weeks before a Mobile River visit, students build their core water-science knowledge with four customized classroom lesson plans about water conservation, Texas ecoregions and weathering, watershed precipitation and runoff, and watershed pollution. The Colorado River Alliance then follows up these in-school portions of the program with a visit from the Mobile River itself.

The exhibit frequently appears at large community events and water-related sites, both in Austin and elsewhere across the Texas Colorado River’s watershed.

It is critically important for Austin’s children, our future leaders, to understand the value of water and the Colorado River. The Mobile River teaches these concepts and has fun doing it. We are proud to partner on such a successful and impactful program.


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