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Support the Colorado River Alliance

Keep the Texas Colorado River healthy and flowing

Are you concerned about our river’s future? A healthy, flowing Colorado River is critical to Texas’ economy and environment. Supporting education and engagement programs is the best way to help ensure the long-term vitality of our state’s economic and environmental lifeblood. You can help by making a donation today.

What your donation can do for our river



Powers a Mobile River visit for 500 middle school students, providing a powerful, immersive experience of our finite and precious water resources. (Includes a year-long Tributary League membership)


Supports Field Trip Program and transportation scholarships for 250 elementary students attending a Title I school. (Includes a year-long Tributary League membership)


Supplies sanitization materials, essential tools, and environmental education for a volunteer clean-up event. (Includes a year-long Tributary League membership)


Provides Spanish translation to help expand the CRA dual-language digital resources center. (Includes a year-long Tributary League membership)


Ensures an online River Reflections event, a virtual speaker series dedicated to topics related Texas Colorado River topics, reaches 100 people throughout the River Basin.


Assists in the design of water related activities such as the Colorado River Crossword Puzzle and Water Conservation Bingo available via the CRA Digital Resource Center.


Delivers a virtual field trip to 50 students to support educators and schools throughout the Texas Colorado River Basin.

Become a Corporate Partner

For philanthropic leaders with a serious commitment to protecting the Texas Colorado River