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Build the Future by Preserving the Present

Just a few small water conservation habits can make a big difference in preserving the Colorado River and helping your community thrive for the next 10 years, 50 years, and even 500 years. The Colorado River Alliance Water Pledge is a promise you will do what you can to help support this future.

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Fun in the Sun

Water conservation ensures the river can continue being a playground for water sports and summer fun for Texans (including the animals who live there!).

Tip to Save Water

By brushing your teeth with the tap off and only doing full loads of laundry, you can save over 100 gallons of water a day that will be used for thousands of lake days to come.

Flourishing Communities

A full river means plenty of tap water to be used in homes, offices, hospitals, and even fire hydrants, which means prosperous and healthy communities all over Texas.

Tip to Save Water

By just sweeping your patio instead of using a hose, you could free up over 500 gallons of water to one day be used by doctors to wash up surgical tools or firefighters to save a house from burning down.

Countless Crops

A consistent water source means that the farms that use the river’s water as irrigation can continue to grow delicious fruits and vegetables.

Tip to Save Water

By checking your home for leaky faucets, you can save nearly 90 gallons of water a day that will play an integral role in providing plenty of fresh produce to enjoy in the future.

Take the Pledge,
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Take the Water Pledge today and, along with a list of simple ways you can conserve water, you will be sent a free digital print of the Colorado River’s future to be reminded of what we’re building.

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