The Colorado River Alliance champions the long-term vitality of the Texas Colorado River through education and engagement. We believe that a healthy, flowing river is imperative to the long-term well-being of our community and our state. With programs that reach over 14,000 students and community members annually, we educate Texans young and old about the Colorado River – how it supports us and why, in turn, we must ensure its future.

14,000 people

reached by our programs every year

5,000 lbs.

of trash removed from the river every year

20 million

gallons of water conserved every year

Our Thanks

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners of the Colorado River Alliance are philanthropic leaders with a serious commitment to protecting the Texas Colorado River. In addition to providing essential support for the CRA mission, partners gain access to specialized marketing, employee engagement, and networking opportunities to develop relationships that reach deep into Texas’ diverse water community. We thank all of our partners for their support!

Legacy Leaders

River Stewards