The Colorado River Alliance leads programming for youth at the Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education at Redbud Center in West Austin. Owned by LCRA, the five-acre riverside grounds feature exhibits that teach the history and importance of the Texas Colorado River. Interactive water features reveal how flooding and water supply is managed by the Highland Lakes and dams system. Rainwater harvesting and storm water management systems demonstrate how water can be conserved and protected. And don’t miss the beautiful river view from the outlook! The grounds are open to the public free of charge. Youth programming provided by the Colorado River Alliance includes grounds exploration and led activities. Learn more about LCRA’s Redbud Center facility and grounds.


Current School Program at Redbud –
YES: Youth Experience Stewardship (for grades 3-5)
Let the Colorado River Alliance educators make the River come alive for your students! Students spend four hours engaged in hands-on learning stations and leave with a solid understanding of Texas water issues. As they explore, students record important information in our special field journals which can be used in the classroom. Come prepared for a midday picnic lunch on the grounds. PROGRAM PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE! Review a chart of the TEKS covered during this field trip.

Students will explore:

  • Geology and geography of Texas
  • Sources of drinking water
  • Attributes of a healthy watershed
  • Pollution and the water cycle
  • Physical properties of water
  • Water conservation methods


Afterschool & Summer Programs
The Colorado River Alliance provides educational programming for all kinds of groups including afterschool care, summer camps, church groups, and scout troops.

Programs are held Tuesday – Friday from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm during the school year, and from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm during the summer months. For more information, and to register, please visit our descriptive webpage here.


Groundwater to the Gulf Summer Institute
The Colorado River Alliance partners with several area nonprofits and agencies to provide the annual institute – Groundwater to the Gulf.  Ideal for 4-8 grade Central Texas teachers, this 3-day, field trip based institute emphasizes techniques for teaching water-based curricula. Participants follow the path of water in Central Texas from its origins to its final destination in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more about Groundwater to the Gulf.


Colorado River Kits
The Colorado River Alliance would like to bring the River to you! The Alliance has two TEKS Aligned take-home kits designed for 4th and 5th grade classroom settings. These kits are an excellent supplement or alternative for those schools who are unable to visit us at the Redbud Center for our YES Program and are FREE OF CHARGE. Currently we offer kits covering topics on wetlands and the water cycle. See below for a short synopsis of both.

Kits are reserved on a first come first served basis, and may be picked up at the Colorado River Alliance’s office anytime during business hours. Ideally, kits will not be utilized for more than one week’s time. Before completing the reservation form below, view the Colorado River Kits Calendar to see each kit’s availability.  Next:
Click Here for a Downloadable Colorado River Kit Guide and Reservation Form

Kit 1: Wetlands Exploration
The Wetlands Exploration Kit helps fourth or fifth graders discover the importance of wetlands and the ecological roles they play.  This hands-on activity allows students to be creative while using the scientific method to explore wetlands.  The lessons in this kit provide students with the opportunity to brainstorm wetlands, build their own wetlands, and create a “living food web.”

Kit 2: Water Cycle in Action
The Water Cycle in Action Kit allows teachers to demonstrate the water cycle right in their own classrooms.  This activity enables students to observe the different components of the water cycle; to learn about the effects pollution has on the water cycle; and to learn about the distribution of fresh water on Earth.  The lessons in this kit provide students with the opportunity to brainstorm about the water cycle, observe a live demonstration of the water cycle, and build density columns representing the freshwater distribution on Earth.

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