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A healthy, flowing river is imperative to the long-term well-being of the communities through which it runs. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, the Alliance provides educational and engagement activities that empower Texans with knowledge and tools to protect the Texas Colorado River and ensure its long-term vitality.

Inspiring future River Stewards is essential for the long-term health of our community. Resulting from expanded program services offered during the pandemic, the Alliance continues to offer Zoom-based virtual field trips for students throughout the Texas Colorado River Basin! Each topic is a 30-minute interactive demonstration and discussion at no cost to educators or schools.

In support of those visits, or as a stand-alone resource, the Alliance provides dual language, digital format, TEKs aligned curriculum and activities for educators, parents, and students. You can mix and match as many topics as you want!

We are offering the following topics for online classes:

  1. Water Conservation
    How can we efficiently use water for cities, industries, agriculture, and the environment? We will cover common uses of Texas water and how to reduce our use—you may be using more water than you think!
  2. Watersheds
    Where does water go after it falls to the ground? We will discuss runoff, infiltration, aquifers, and the effects of point source and non-point source pollution in our very own Texas Colorado River Watershed.
  3. Texas Colorado River
    Why is the Texas Colorado River important to Central Texans and how does it impact our everyday lives? In this presentation, we will discuss the history and geography of the river, the role of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and Highland Lakes & Dams system, and our drinking water.

Educators must use their own Zoom account to set up and moderate the lessons. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please fill out this form.

Do you have a question about water science or about our Texas Colorado River? Submit them here and check our Facebook for a video response!

Educational Resources

Redbud Field Trip Materials:
3rd – 5th graders

Activity Guide #1 – The Texas Colorado River:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Activity Guide #2 – Watersheds:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Activity Guide #3 – Water Conservation:

(PDF version, Powerpoint version, en Español)

Answer key: (PDF version, Powerpoint version)

Redbud Program Videos:
3rd – 5th-graders
Mobile River Program:

Webquest #1 – Ecoregions:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #2 – Runoff & Infiltration:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #3 – Water Conservation:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Webquest #4 – Water Savers:

(Word Version, PDF Version, En Español)

Mobile River Program Videos:

Parent Resources

Colorado River Alliance Fun

Colorado River Crossword Puzzle (Middle School age-level)

Texas 2040 Game (Middle School age-level)

Colorado River Wordsearch & Crossword (Elementary school age-level)

Water Conservation Bingo (all ages!)

Water Cycle Bracelets (all ages!)

Family Clean-up Activity (all ages!)

Zoom Backgrounds

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